CLOUDVICE, a consulting partner of Oracle Inc., accelerates business transformation and modernization by leveraging Cloud, AI and various cutting-edge technologies. We are driven by our mission to strategize and optimize your cloudification journey to achieve effective automation, scalability, innovation and economies of scale besides functionality and integrations. Founded in 2020, CLOUDVICE is headquartered in North Carolina USA, with offices in Bengaluru and Kochi Infopark.

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We have an exclusive focus on the US public and private sector clients to modernize their back office and front office business processes using the Oracle SaaS Cloud. We deliver top-notch solutions by implementing Oracle SaaS Cloud Suite for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) & Payroll, Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle CX, Student Cloud and PaaS solutions (including custom-built applications).

Our Vision

Employing the capabilities of cloud technologies in order to modernize & facilitate seamless transformation of businesses we empower our business partners to perform smarter and elevate their customer experience.

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