GovCubes is a querying and reporting tool that helps to connect with Oracle cloud ERP and HCM cloud databases from the desktop. Govcubes provides a feature-rich tool for querying and reporting requirements.


  • Allows to establish multiple connections to Cloud instances from a single platform
  • Supports multi-user access
  • Provides user management for controlled access to the database connections
  • Driven by web services for real-time data from Oracle cloud
  • Intellisense enabled prompt for oracle table and column names
  • Secured by Oracle cloud Role access
  • Provides standard reconciliation reports in the tool for data conversions
  • Supports export to CSV, MS Excel & PDF formats
  • Provides connection with various types of databases like Cloud SaaS, Object, Infrastructure DB and On-Premise DB

Key Benefits

  • Saves up to 20% time in running ad-hoc queries compared to standard BI tools
  • Reduces the report development time by 40% for developers
  • Data conversion reconciliation is made easy in collaboration with Xylem

Partnership with Storj

GovCubes uses Storj’s technology to achieve seamless and secure storage with the highest degree of reliability and resilience to failures.

Instead of localizing the storage on vulnerable data centers, we leverage wider interconnectedness, decreasing overall distance and dependency on individual routers and endpoints.

With Storj, we met:

  • Higher security as data is encrypted, fragmented and stored across thousands of uncorrelated nodes across the globe
  • Higher resilience to single-point failures
  • Seamless storage with huge capacity of the decentralized distributed cloud storage network