GIS Consulting Services

CLOUDVICE delivers services for all facets of GIS development. Our team of GIS experts has extensive experience in the implementation and management of GIS projects for clients of all sizes. Leveraging this experience, we help develop comprehensive mapping systems for municipal, state, and federal clients nationwide. This team is the backbone of our services in geospatial and IT management. We can integrate geospatial capabilities into your CRM or ERP, personalize a solution, or build a fully customized application. Beyond technology, we understand your business and processes and we do care about your success.

  • GIS Strategic Planning

    We have developed a strategic plan to guide your GIS implementation with recommendations for cloud, hardware, software, and data structure.

  • Implement ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online in Cloud

    The goal of CLOUDVICE’s Esri consulting services is to ensure the successful implementation of your ArcGIS platform. Our team of experts will help implement ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS Hub, GIS Dashboard, and other ArcGIS cloud technologies.

  • ArcGIS Enterprise on-premises to Cloud

    Migrating from ArcGIS Enterprise on-premises solution to AWS, Azure, GCP Cloud Implementing new ArcGIS enterprise solutions to AWS, Azure, GCP cloud.

  • GIS Mobile App Development Services

    CLOUDVICE specializes in GIS-based app development services to fetch data and geographical locations of the devices, to be used by businesses across industry verticals. GIS mobile application team can develop location-based GIS or GPS applications. It can be easily used by non-GIS users also. GIS applications can vary from GIS data collection (ArcGIS Field Map, ArcGIS Servay123, ArcGIS Quick Capture) to access GIS tools

  • ESRI AppBuilder Configuration

    Need to create an app but don’t have the staff or time to do it? CLOUDVICE will configure web apps for your organization using the Esri ArcGIS Web AppBuilder or the Web AppBuilder Developers addition. Our team of experts will work with your organization to understand the functions and features your app needs and then develop the app based on these requirements. These web apps can be mobile or desktop-accessible, have your organization's branding, and contain essential functions.

  • LIDAR and 3D Modeling

    LIDAR produces accurate georeferenced point locations on the earth’s surface with their vertical height. Coupled with other ortho or aerial imagery products, LIDAR allows to produce an accurate three-dimensional model or rendering of an object on the earth’s surface. AJD Geospatial Concepts is an experienced partner ready to help with the generation, analysis, mapping, and modeling of your 3D data with the following expertise.
    • Building footprint, height, and line of site analysis along with 3D modeling of community development.
    • Converting point cloud data into elevation and digital terrain models for surface and elevation analysis.
    • Corridor and right-of-way mapping and clearance analysis.
    • Bridge height and pavement condition analysis.
  • Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utility Network Mapping and Analysis

    Optimizing the addressing system, Transportation and Network Mapping and Analysis are crucial to any modern GIS organization. Our experts are ready to help in the following area
    • Develop, update, and maintain transportation, utility network, and infrastructure geodatabases.
    • Convert various datasets, drawings, and images into a usable mapping format.
    • Utilize transportation / infrastructure / utility networks and outside datasets to better plan and allocate resources for existing and future needs.